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Threadmaster™ TM2

Simplicity and reliability inthread milling

Every solution within the Threadmaster milling family, including the latest general-purpose Threadmaster TM2, quickly and reliably performs precision threading operations.


The Threadmaster TM2 general-purpose thread mill covers an expansive range of applications. It productively generates high-tolerance, full thread profiles and allows those less experienced with thread milling operations to confidently generate perfect threaded holes as part of complete workpiece processing.

Available in 3 thread pitches, the Threadmaster TM2 covers a wide range of hole sizes for cost-effective threading in common materials such as steel, stainless steels, cast iron and more. Furthermore, the geometry reduces cutting forces and allows for higher feed speed and increased production rate. Threadmaster TM2 is offered with 2 x D and 3 x D options.


  • Tool design spreads threading strain equally from top to bottom for even tool wear
  • Small range of tools covers wide range of hole sizes
  • Seco’s Threading Wizard software helps generate fast, effortless thread milling programs
  • Thread mills run in standard holders and require no special spindle specifications
  • Use with Seco EPB shrinkfit holders and EPB 5672 high-precision collet chuck for low run-out
  • Use Seco Feedmax Universal to premachine holes for maximum productivity



  • Thread types ranging from ISO M4X1.75 to M16X2.0, UNC and UNF
  • 2 x D lengths in thread sizes of M4 to M16, and 3 x D lengths in thread sizes of M4 to M8
  • Hole diameters for 2 x D lengths from UNC 1/4" to 1/2" (20 to 13 pitch) and for 3 x D lengths from 1/4" to 5/16" (20 to 18 pitch)
  • UNF hole diameters #10 to 1/2" (32 to 20 pitch) for 2 x D thread mills, and #10 to 5/16" (32 to 24 pitch) for 3 x D thread mills
  • Right-hand and left-hand thread versions


  • 1 tool that applies to multiple materials and a wide range of hole sizes
  • Design adds inherent strength and process reliability to the thread milling process
  • Less cutting forces, higher speeds and feeds and better thread surface finishes with a more cost-effective tool