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Originally designed for large production volumes in turbine blade and bucket axiasetcomponent manufacturing, multi-spindle machines can now be used for smaller batch sizes too, thanks to efficient CNC programming, fast linear drives and intelligent workpiece holding.

The advantages include higher productivity levels, shorter machining times, lower cost per component, a smaller combined footprint and simplified maintenance. However, Z-axis tool length compensation means extra work to ensure that each tool cuts the same amount of material to reach identical part quality levels.

Seco’s new Axiaset tool performs length compensation with speed and accuracy. A simple shell mill holder with a twist, Axiaset allows for a secure and easy +/- 1.5 mm z-axis length adjustment within a tolerance of 0.02mm, making it precise and user-friendly. Delivered set to a nominal “A” value, a cutter is mounted and checked on a presetter for its highest point.

This procedure is repeated for a sister tool, and a twist of the adjustment ring accomplishes proper length compensation. Axiaset is almost as rigid as a solid shell mill holder, and the compensation system is fully sealed for low maintenance.