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EPB 5867 Tapping chucks for synchronized tapping, with micro-compensation

The EPB 5867 tapping chuck features a micro-compensation mechanism that improves and secures tapping performances during synchronized tapping.

EPB 5867 Tapping chucks

The inbuilt axial micro flexure (+/- 0,5 mm) prevents from tap stress, which may appear from micro-deviation of the synchronism between the spindle rotation, feed and tap pitch. That micro-compensation mechanism offers longer tap life, protects tap against breakage, increases productivity and improves thread quality.

Equiped with ER tapping collets with square drive, that provides a precise tap holding and a positive torque transmission.

EPB 5867 completes Seco's range of tapping chucks, also featuring:

  • EPB 5283 Quick change tapping chucks, with axial feed compensation,
  • EPB 5260 Quick change tapping chucks for synchronized tapping,
  • EPB 5865 ER tapping chucks, for rigid synchronized tapping,


For more information, please contact your local Seco representative.