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EPB 5672
High precision collet chucks

The "EPB 5672" high precision collet chuck, by Seco Tools, has arguments to relieve your mind from all your concerns: low run-out, high clamping force, high rigidity, fine balancing and flexibility.


EPB 5672

Longer tool life, better machining results

  • Run-out max. 3µm at 3xD
  • Suitable for ‘fragile’ modern cutting tools (CBN, PCD…)


High productivity:

  • Very high transmittable torque and rigidity
  • Designed for HSM


Universal chuck offering very high flexibility

  • Suitable for all kind of machining operations (drilling, reaming, milling…)


Perfectly safe production process

  • Extremely high clamping forces=high transmittable torques and very effective tool retention


User friendly, long lifetime

EPB 5672 high precision collet chucks are available in a large variety of tapers (HSK, SA, BT, Seco-Capto, Graflex), in different sizes (ER HP 16, 25, 32) and length (short, medium and long).

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