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Easyshrink® 15 system

A concentration of its big brother's advantages.
The EasyShrink 20 has already proven its technical superiority. The new EasyShrink 15 is based on the same technology.

Easyshrink® 15 features:

Main benefits:

  • High performance heating technology of the EasyShrink20, including the automatic recognition of the tool holder for optimised heating.
  • Compact design offering one heating and two air cooling stations.
  • Designed for a large range of diameters (Ø3-32mm), all back taper sizes (SA30-SA50, HSK32-HSK100, C3-C8), Carbide and HSS shanks and tool height up to 400mm.
  • Displacement of the tool holder from the heating slot to the cooling slots by sliding: no need to touch the hot tool holder.
  • Storage of the accessories directly on the machine.