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A two-piece milling cutter system

Combimaster® is a two-piece milling cutter system with a wide range of shank types, lengths and interchangeable cutter heads.

The interchangeability of the system offers maximum flexibility over a wide range of applications - square shoulder and end mills, copy mills, face mills, plunge mills and disc mills are all included in the system.

Steadyline Combimaster holders are a patented solution to boost your productivity or as a solution in long overhang situations. The K820 tapered holders and the K821 cylindrical holders comes in a variety of attachments and length projections to cover most of the needs.

All Combimaster heads and shanks have coolant holes and many of the cutter heads are available in different pitch versions.

Seco continues to enhance and expand its industry-leading Combimaster family with the addition of a larger connection size that brings the line's high stability and performance to diameter 40/42‑mm milling cutters. The Combimaster milling cutter system encompasses an array of shank types, lengths and interchangeable cutter heads that offers maximum flexibility over a wide range of applications. The extremely cost-effective system includes square shoulder and end mills, copy mills, face mills, plunge mills and disc mills.


This new larger holder connection with the M20 thread advances Combimaster into the larger-diameter cutter arena. But most significantly, it delivers excellent stability and strength for high material removal rates. The M20 thread ensures the strongest connection possible between the shank and cutter body. In most instances, the Combimaster M20 allows users to increase both metal removal rates and depths of cut by as much as 15% to improve overall machining performance.

For the Combimaster range of products, Seco has adapted the M20 connection to over 30 new holder styles, as well as over 50 types of milling cutters. This includes the round and high-feed insert range of products. Other product areas also incorporate the new connection, such as the square shoulder, plunge, ballnose and aluminium milling cutter ranges.


Multi-task machines offer a great deal of manufacturing flexibility. But they can’t do it alone, as they require cutting tools that are just as versatile as they are. Meet our new Combimaster ER collet system that brings ease of use, stability and unlimited possibilities to these machines.

Compact and highly adaptable, this tooling system performs face, side and disc milling operations via insert-based milling cutters, as opposed to solid end mills. This achieves higher material removal rates due to larger cutting diameter capacities. For example, ER25 standard collets are limited to solid end mill shanks of 16 mm in diameter, compared to Combimaster size M12 Turbo milling heads of up to 25 mm in cutting diameter.

Unlike anything else on the market, the system combines ER collets, ER clamping nuts and a ball bearing interface that allows for unmatched tool positioning and tightening during setup. Available in three ER sizes and fi ve diff erent Combimaster thread-size connections, the system supports a wide range of interchangeable milling cutter heads, especially those in the Turbo line.


• Compact design with short overhang saves space in machining area
• Ball bearing clamping nut interface allows for better tool positioning and fast setup
• Provides productive face, side and disc milling operations on multi-task machines
• Combimaster cutters off er larger cutting diameters than solid end mills
• Robust thread connections provide maximum holding strength


• ER25 collet with Combimaster size M8, M10 & M12 connections
• ER32 collet with Combimaster size M10, M12 & M16 connections
• ER40 collet with Combimaster size M12, M16 & M20 connections
• Full selection of Combimaster milling cutter heads, including internal coolant designs

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• Stability, increased reliability and longer tool life
• Higher achievable material removal rates
• Strength for larger depth-ofcut possibilities

• Increased speeds and feeds for a wider range of applications
• Easy transition from small to large size cutters
• Coolant-through incorporated into all holders and cutters
• Combimaster versatility and cost effectiveness


For further information please see the catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 146-147.