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FF2 Chipbreaker

A geometry for finishing where strict chip control is a priority

Chip control is highly important in modern production where less manned supervision is present. Selecting the FF2 geometry in negative insert style can prevent machining stops caused by unbroken chips which are hard to evacuate from the machine.

A chip former for superior perfomance in ductile materials

An even more undesirable situation is when the uncontrolled swarf sticks to the cutting tool or the component causing sudden tool failures or poor part quality.

The very tight, narrow chip groove of FF2 curls the chips firmly against the insert or component and compels them to break into easy-handled size. Even if the mechanical maneuvering of the chips is intensive the well-balanced design of the chip groove minimizes the cutting forces and reduces the heat transferred to the insert.

When less heat is transferred tool life is improved. Low cutting forces generated by the insert enable operations to be performed in unstable set-ups and in thin-walled components.

FF2 is an excellent complement to the existing FF1 and MF2 offering excellent opportunities in the finishing of ductile materials, steels and stainless steels.

Grades available:

  • TP1500
  • TP2500
  • TP3500
  • CP500
  • TP1030