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M5 Chipbreaker

A strong geometry for high metal removal

When productivity and strength is an issue then the rigid centre lock geometry M5 is the proper choice.

This robust insert with its highly protected chip groove tackles the most demanding operations, heavy interruptions and rough skin successfully. An open chip groove with well-adapted cutting angles ensures high feed rates and large cuts for efficient machining and best economy.

Ductile materials can easily be handled with full control by the fine-tuned chip groove design. For obtaining optimal tool life in a variety of materials the balanced rake face minimizes the heat transferred to the insert.

M5 is the unsurpassable geometry for a great variety of workpiece materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and troublesome superalloys.

Positive centre lock inserts are available in a wide range of chipbreakers to cover most materials and applications, F1, MF2, F2 and M3 are the foundation. The new M5 will complement these as the strongest geometry for the most testing environments and the heaviest applications.

Grades available:

  • TP40
  • TP0500
  • TP1500
  • TP2500
  • TP3500
  • TM4000
  • CP500
  • TK1001
  • TK2001