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M6 Chipbreaker
The All-round top performer
for roughing and semi-finishing
of Steel

M6 – the new, negative insert chipbreaker has been designed with the aim to reach higher ground with regards to better chip control, lower cutting forces, reliable wear behaviour and dependable strong edges – simultaneously.

Features & benefits

M6 is a negative double-sided effective chip breaker with wide positive protective  chamfer, high positive rake angle and wide chip groove. It has high edge strength & strong cutting edge attributes.



  • Better chip control & efficient chip evacuation
  • Lower cutting forces & low energy consumption 
  • Dependable strong edges & high resistance against chipping
  • Reliable wear behaviour (both crater and flank wear) 


It is a strong, double-sided chipbreaker Intended for semi-roughing and roughing of steel.

A well-balanced design combining excellent chip control and relatively low cutting forces which provides reliable cutting action in both continuous as well as interrupted cuts. Well suited also for machining of ferritic and martensitic stainless steels and ductile cast iron.

These double-sided inserts available in a variety of inserts, shapes, share the same design with a wide positive protection chamfer, a positive rake and a wide groove to secure edge strength, low energy consumption and efficient chip evacuation.

This chipbreaker geometry provides high resistance against chipping, crater wear and built-up edges which result in optimal tool life.

Range & Application

M6 is available in several Duratomic grades, including TP0501, TP1501, TP2501 and TP3500. When you add M6 to these versatile grades, it becomes easier to machine stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels and martensitic stainless steels. The M6 is also available in TK2001, a Duratomic® grade optimised for turning cast iron. 
This introduction increases tool life and reliability at high cutting data when roughing ductile cast iron or other challenging cast irons.
M6 in Grades TP0500, TP1500 & TP2500 are only available in its old design.


M6 chipbreaker is the all-round top performer for roughing and semi-finishing of steel.

M6 Wiper allows even higher feed rates for productivity or superior part quality with better surface finishes eliminating the need for finishing operations in many applications

M6 with Duratomic® grades  TP2501/ TP3500 makes it possible to machine ferritic and martenistic stainless steels for intermittent cuts as well as mixed production productivity in austinitic stainless steels

M6 in Duratomic TK2001 improves tool life for ductile cast irons and other challenging cast irons.


The wide working window of M6 overlaps its family member chipbreakers M5 and MR7 with comfortable margin.


Typical components

Pulley wheels, pump parts, valves, shafts, sleeves, flanges, wheels, gears, hubs, housings, caps, bearings etc



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