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New Duratomic® TK1501 and TK0501


Our Duratomic®-technology-based TK1501 and TK0501 grades are once again prepared to set new standards in cast iron turning. Not only have we made these grades tougher and more wear resistant, they can help you reduce tool waste and process more parts per edge.

These grades result from Seco’s EDGE INTELLIGENCE concept - an integration of our extensive high-performance insert experience and knowledge in every cutting edge to make each one count. Both TK1501 and TK0501 incorporate the latest developments in next-generation Duratomic coating technology. This gives these grades an even wider application range and an overall increase in tool life and productivity through an excellent balance of toughness and hardness for the highest performance demands.

With our new Chrome Used-Edge Detection, both grades make it easy to tell if an insert's cutting edges have made contact with a workpiece. It is optimised to provide the highest possible contrast to make it easy to instantly identify when an edge has been used, even in low-light environments.

We’ve seen situations where missed edges contribute to more than 30 percent waste inside a shop. With the TK1501 and TK0501 grades' Chrome Used-Edge Detection, you don’t need to lower your high performance demands or worry about the cost of unused insert edges.


• High-performance grades dedicated to cast iron turning operations
• Latest Duratomic coating makes grades tougher, more wear resistant
• New Chrome Used-Edge Detection minimises tool waste
• Reliable, consistent performance across a broad application range


• Comprehensive selection from roughing to finishing geometries


• Fewer unused cutting edges
• Long, predictable tool life
• Consistent part quality
• Good surface fi nish
• High usability
• Short lead times
• Maximum productivity
• Reduced waste due to prematurely discarded inserts


For further information please see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 92-113.