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New Duratomic® TP0501

Integrated with “SECO-EDGE INTELLIGENCE” and featured with “used edge detection”.

The New Duratomic TP0501 is the first choice CVD grade for achieving the highest possible wear resistance and/or cutting speeds.

TP0501 requires stable conditions to provide high performance. It provides lasting dimensional stability under high thermal loads. TP0501 will provide exceptional benefits when applied to high alloy steels. 

The increased heat resistance of TP0501 makes it an excellent complement to Seco’s other steel cutting grades, TP1501, TP2501 and TP3500.


The TP0501 grade delivers the outmost steel turning performance in high-alloyed steels in particular, under non-coolant conditions. In addition the grade offers properties for successful machining of Gray cast irons as well.

A balance of high edge hardness and toughness boosts the wear resistance of TP0501 inserts, especially for more stable high-temperature, long continuous cutting conditions along with those involving limited toughness demands. The grade is designed for application in all steels but in particular high-alloy steels. TP0501 inserts deliver higher metal removal rates, long tool life, dimensional stability and superior surface finishes.

The Grade chain provides a complete range for the whole steel turning area.
TP0501 - the high speed productivity especially for higher alloy steels. 
TP1501 -  the competent and  balanced productivity especially for low alloy steels
TP2501 - the king of versatality. 
TP3500 - the secure choice.

Features & Benefits

  1. Seco edge intelligence – Widely applicable high speed productivity in steels
  2. Used-edge detection capability – High contrast indication of used edge even in light finish-machining passes.
  3. Duratomic technology – Superior wear & heat resistance: Longer tool life & higher productivity
  4. Wide working ranges -- Long continuous high metal removal  rate.
Seco has worked since 2007 to refine its industry-leading Duratomic technology giving the new TP0501, TP1501 & TP2501 turning grades which provide a balance between properties such as wear resistance, speed capabilities and toughness behaviours. Their design feature improvements make them applicable to both roughing and finishing operations while significantly boosting lowest-level peak-performance ratings over previous insert grades.