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Duratomic® TH1500

TH1500, a hard Duratomic® coated grade, is designed for use in hardened TH1500steel with continuous cut.

TH1500 provides very good results in areas where the application of CBN and Ceramics can be problematic due to component, setup or machine tool stability. TH1500 can also be applied as a cost effective alternative to these tool materials and delivers impressive machining results.


  • Duratomic coating technology
  • Long tool life and good edge toughness
  • Performance alternative to ceramics



Ideal for difficult-to-machine materials, TH1500 insert grades have been extended to cover a wider range of applications. Providing substantial increases in productivity, these grades offer extreme wear resistance and top performance in applications ranging from aerospace superalloys to hard-soft turning in automotive components of hardened steel.

The chipbreaker range of these inserts maximises chip control for high process security and tool life. TH1500 maximises performance with higher cutting data. TH1500 uses Duratomic® coating technology to achieve the best possible combination of wear resistance and edge toughness.