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Duratomic® TP0500

High speed, high heat steel turning.   


The increased heat resistance of TP0500 makes it an excellent complement to Seco’s other steel cutting grades, TP1500, TP2500 and TP3500.

TP0500, our newest turning grade to feature the extremely wear-resistant Duratomic® coating, is suited to a variety of steel machining operations with stable cutting conditions and where a lot of heat is generated.

Applications that can make significant gains using TP0500 include those requiring high metal removal rates such as the machining of large components for the power generation segment or for high-speed, high productivity applications found in the highly competitive automotive sector.

In combination with Seco®’s existing Duratomic® turning grade lineup of TP1500, TP2500, and TP3500, grade TP0500 extends the company’s offering of peak performance tools for every steel turning operation.

What is Duratomic®?