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High precision, high working depth and straight

When it comes to parting-off operations without lateral deflection with large diameters, the system 150.10 is the right choice.

The reason is that the blades are made of strong High Speed Steel; the lateral forces are reduced to a minimum thanks to the patented Seco grooving insert. This means that no convex surfaces are created and higher feed can be realized.


With a design that maximises rigidity, 150.10 Jet blade incorporates a high speed steel blade with Jetstream Tooling Duo to achieve a new solution for parting off in challenging materials. Complementing the existing range of parting-off blades, 150.10 Jet blade provides substantial value to manufacturers serving the aerospace segment or working with applications in stainless steel or superalloys.


Jetstream Tooling Duo technology delivers two coolant jets to optimal points in the cutting zone to ensure proper chip formation and effective evacuation. Its use in the 150.10 Jet blade boosts tool life and allows cutting speeds to be increased.





The new 150.10-JETI blades and tool blocks streamline direct, highpressure coolant to the cutting zone in parting-off operations where improved productivity, tool life and part quality are critical to success.

Developed with compact assembly in mind, the tooling eliminates the need for any external piping and connections that would otherwise obstruct machine movement in tight workspaces. Coolant holes within the blades make it possible for coolant to reach the cutting edge directly from the tool block.

From there, Jetstream Tooling® technology directs the coolant straight to the cutting zone for quick, effective heat removal, which is especially important when machining materials that are poor conductors of heat. The reduction in heat permits the usage of higher cutting parameters and safe, effective chip control and removal.

Made of high-speed steel, the blades provide extra insert stability in tough applications. The blades are also highly versatile for mounting in most common tool blocks with internal coolant.


• Compact solution delivers coolant without any hoses surrounding the blade
• Extra stability with HSS parting-off blades
• Tool blocks with direct coolant transfer fit nicely into tight workspaces
• Jetstream Tooling quickly removes heat from cutting zone and improves chip control


• Insert widths from 2 mm to 6 mm
• Blade sizes in 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm
• Square-shank blocks available in metric and imperial sizes



We’ve expanded our 150.10-JETI family of parting-off blades and squareshank blocks to include a new VDI block design. This means shops with VDI turrets on their lathes can now experience the high levels of productivity and long tool life that come as a result of using these products.

Together, these blades and adapters take a highly streamlined approach to delivering high-pressure coolant to the cutting zone in parting-off operations. The adapters, which hold the blades in place, install directly onto the VDI turret.

Coolant is delivered internally to the adapter via the turret and then reaches the cutting zone through the coolant holes in the blades. The fast, direct transfer of coolant to the cutting edge is made possible by our advanced Jetstream Tooling® technology.


• New VDI adapter expands the capacity of the 150.10-JETI line
• Direct, high-pressure coolant delivery without any hoses
• Fast, effi cient heat removal in parting-off operations
• Safe, highly eff ective chip control and removal
• Optimised positioning via edge height adjustments RANGE OVERVIEW:
• Face mount adapters for VDI30, VDI40 and VDI50 turrets
• Star mount adapters for VDI25, VDI30 and VDI40 turrets
• Holds HSS parting-off blades in 20 mm and 25 mm sizes
• Compatible with MDT reinforced blades with internal coolant