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Multi Directional Turning



Designed to accommodate narrow cutting edge widths in grooving and parting-off operations, Seco’s MDT (Multi-Directional Turning) system has traditionally consisted of 1 and 2 sided inserts, as well as mono and modular tool holders for radial internal, external and axial machining. This range is continuously growing.


Jetstream Tooling for the MDT product line allows manufacturers to benefit from higher process reliability and productivity when grooving and parting-off. It is applicable for all materials, in particular for materials that are poor conductors of heat, including titanium and superalloys.

Jetstream Tooling is a quick, easy-to-install direct high-pressure coolant delivery system that quickly removes heat from the cutting zone to improve tool life, part quality and productivity.

Coolant is channeled through holders to coolant outlets in very close proximity to the cutting zone. Jetstream Tooling is now also available for insert width 2 mm on shank size 1212 and 1616, as well as 1/2" and 5/8".


  • Machines demanding workpieces with different diameters, profiles and deep grooves
  • Achieves grooving and parting-off, longitudinal and axial turning as well as profiling and thread turning
  • Provides high repeatability and positioning accuracy of ± 0.03 mm
  • A serration at the bottom of the insert, similar to a spline profile, ensures proper clamping and seating of the insert in the pocket
  • Jetstream Tooling provides extremely safe chip breaking and chip transport



  • Wide range of indexable insert geometries, including FT, MT, MG, GG, MC, MP and RP for grooving and parting-off operations
  • Variety of insert grades, including 883, 890, CP200, CP500, CP600, TGK1500, TGP25, CBN010 and CBN170
  • Mono and modular toolholder designs for radial machining (ar max = 12.5 x ap), axial machining (initial plunge diameter between Dc = 17 mm and 500 mm, ar max = 6 x ap), internal machining (Dmin = 16 mm, ar max = 3.5 x ap)
  • Jetstream Tooling compatibility with oil and other coolant materials



  • Increased cutting data and improved surface finish
  • Longer tool life, with a corresponding reduction in tool changing times
  • Smaller insert width for less waste