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MDT 2mm

Smaller width extends range for General & Swiss machining. The popular MDT family has now been extended with the smaller cutting edge width, 2mm.

The width is available in two new insert sizes, MDT19 and MDT28, where the code indicates the insert length.


The MDT19 size inserts and toolholders are compactly designed as they are intended for the Swiss machining area where small tools are required due to limited space inside the lathes. The toolholders are shaped for good insert indexing accessibility even when space is restricted.

 The MDT28 size covers the general machining area with its longer reach, larger toolholders and broader product range compared to MDT19.


  • High productivity and reliable action in grooving, parting off and profiling.
  • Insert clamping with a combination of serrated and V-styled interface securing stability.
  • Grades CP500 and CP600 have broad coverage of the representative area.
  • Jetstream Tooling™ provides increased productivity and process reliability.
  • Small cutting edge width in parting off reduces raw material cost.