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Drilling equipment components

The Oil & Gas industry has a leading role in assuring the worlds energy supply. Critical for both political and economical stability throughout our planet, the industry represents the pinnacle of reliablitity with innovative exploration and extraction solutions.

With expected manufacturing increases of Oil & Gas related equipment for many years to come, Seco® can help with premium tooling solutions to assist in the production of drilling equipment, sub- and above-sea components and many other vital equipment.

We listen to our customers, understand and address their needs.
Our experienced people provide daily on-site support, test the very latest
tool and grade developments and optimise solutions with our clients.
Machining competence, discussed, tested and applied.

Drilling equipment component application examples:

Drill collar
36CrNiMo4, hardband area
Operation: Turning OD
Criterion: Surface finish, tool life
Tool: SNMG150612-MR7, TP3500

Safety valve
Operation: High feed milling
Criterion: Metal removal, tool life
Result: 5-6 times faster than previous solution
Tool: R220.21-0063-R160.5A 

Perforation tube
Alloyed steel
Operation: Hole milling
Criterion: Metal removal, tool life
Tool: R417.19-01.00-3, SPMX09.., T25M