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WinToolWinTool is our efficient tool management software for product searching and DXF-drawings.

Features of the WinTool:

  • Updated Seco catalogue
  • Updated EPB® catalogue
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Seco specific reports
  • Supports double bit characters
  • Start WinTool by pressing Ctrl-W

Additional Functions:

  • Integrated to SecoCut version 4.2 for cutting data
  • DX-generator; create DXF's instantly from parametric value


How to install WinTool
Note: WinTool 2006 use a new, updated, database. Therefore your assemblies, tool lists and user catalogue will be deleted. To be able to have them in the new version, they need to be rebuilt.

  • Uninstall previous WinTool versions and delete WinTool folder (e.g. WinTool 2004 folder).
  • WinTool 2006 requires Access Runtime 2000. Download in the right column.
  • If you have any questions on installing or need further instructions, please contact
  • Click on the link in the right column to download WinTool 2006
    Note! Latest EPB® catalogues are already included!
  • (You need to run install.exe for each software, WinTool, DXF-generator, WinVector, and installation Copy Protection).