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Seco to roll out unprecedented number of cutting tool solutions in 2013
1/14/2013 4:00:00 PM

Fagersta, January 2013 – Throughout 2013, Seco will release a comprehensive range of new cutting tool solutions for milling, turning, threading and holemaking operations – all designed to assist manufacturers across all industry segments in optimising their machining processes by boosting their productivity and profitability.


For milling operations, Seco will introduce:

- The MK2050 insert grade for effectively tackling cast irons. The wear resistance properties of MK2050 make it an ideal selection for most applications currently using Seco’s MK1500 and MK2000 grades.

- Helical cutters in the Turbo 10 range. These tools improve manufacturing processes and achieve higher quality, allowing manufacturers to optimise productivity through large depths of cut and high material removal capacity in slotting and contouring applications.

- An insert geometry expansion for Turbo 10 square shoulder mills. The new options include inserts for a larger radii range and inserts for difficult-to-machine materials.

- A new line of high-feed inserts for the Minimaster® Plus tool system.

- An innovative 335.25 disc milling cutter with an adjustable cutting width. This product offers exceptional performance in all demanding disc milling applications where productivity and versatility are required.



For turning operations, Seco will introduce:

- The tangential, four-edged X4 insert that features a rigid clamping system for efficiently parting-off and grooving small parts.

- The TGK1500 grade featuring Duratomic® coating technology for grooving and profiling in cast iron with the MDT (Multi-Directional Turning) system.

- A range of scarfing inserts with optimised designs for different materials and applications of pipes and tubes.

- The highly productive M6 negative insert chipbreaker that provides high resistance against chipping, crater wear and built-up edges in steel turning applications.   


Advanced materials for turning

Regarding advanced materials for turning, Seco will introduce:

- The new uncoated polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) CBN010 grade with extremely tough and wear-resistant properties for turning in hardened steels.

- A laser-made PCBN chipbreaker that offers improved chip control and surface quality, less machine stops due to swarf evacuation issues and reduction of “bird’s nest” formation to reduce cleanup time.



For threading applications, Seco will introduce:

- A series of Threadmaster™ solid carbide threadmilling cutters with plain cylindrical shanks for mounting into a Shrinkfit holder, hydraulic holder or the new EPB 5672 high-precision collet chuck.

- An extended range of the Seco Capto™ Snap-Tap® holders in C5 sizes that make it possible to use the 27-size Snap-Tap inserts with the Seco-Capto C5.

- A new range of boring bars for tapered threads.  


Jabro™ Tools

In terms of its premium line of Jabro solid carbide tools, Seco will introduce:

- The high performance JHP951 solid end mill for roughing applications. The new cutter offers 30 percent higher material removal rates when compared to the existing JHP950.

- The JHP993 solid end mill with roughing profile for complex roughing applications where the workpiece is not completely solid or difficult to clamp.

- The JC845 solid end mill that reduces delamination, pressure build up and heat in the cutting zone when slotting and side milling carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP).

- The JC885 left hand helix end mill for directing pressure downward when machining CFRP workpieces.  



For holemaking operations, Seco will introduce:

- Crownloc® Plus 8xD exchangeable tip drill bodies for machining various materials with excellent chip evacuation.

- The Perfomax® SD602 modular drill system with exchangeable cartridges, optimised chip flutes and adjustable centre drill for large and deep hole applications.

- CX1 and CX2 drilling solutions with solid polycrystalline diamond (PCD). This unique design virtually eliminates uncut fibres and delamination in advanced composite materials.

- Precise, multipurpose Axiabore™ fine boring heads available with a Seco-Capto™ connection.

- A new generation of Jumbo S bridge bars that feature coolant channels and allow for higher cutting data via an additional locking screw that increases the rigidity of the overall assembly.

- Nanofix™ solid carbide reamers 3XD short version, when the application has limited access and to optimize tool run-out.

- SAH adjustable holders dedicated to Seco reaming range. Those holders will guarantee perfect control of tool run-out, improving tool life and hole quality. 


Tool holding

Seco will introduce the following tool holding products:

- The high precision EPB 5672 collet chuck system with a maximum radial run-out of only three microns and up to three times more transmittable torque of previous collet chuck models.

- The strengthened EPB 5600 Shrinkfit holder that guarantees thirty to forty percent more transmittable torque when compared to the equivalent DIN style Shrinkfit holder.


Seco Tools is a leading manufacturer of high performance metal cutting tools. Seco’s product range includes a complete programme of tools and inserts for turning, milling, drilling, reaming and boring as well as complementary tool holding systems. With more than 25,000 standard products, Seco is a complete solutions provider for the metal cutting industry and equips machine tools from the spindle down to the cutting edge.

The company is headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden and represented in more than 50 countries worldwide with 40 subsidiaries, distributors and channel partners.