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Seco’s new Jetstream Tooling® Duo improves turning performance
11/5/2013 10:00:00 AM

Fagersta, November 2013 – Ideal for turning applications that involve titanium, superalloys and other challenging materials, Seco’s new Jetstream Tooling Duo technology applies one or more additional coolant jets from a second direction. This quickly and effectively removes heat from the cutting zone, allowing manufacturers to achieve higher cutting speeds, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity overall. 

The Jetstream Tooling Duo technology precisely directs the upper coolant jet to the optimal point of the rake face, while the additional jet flushes the clearance surface. As a result, the cutting edge receives high-pressure coolant from two opposite directions – above and below – maximising control of the chip flow as well as cooling the cutting zone. In fact, by adding the second coolant jet to its Jetstream Tooling product, Seco has made it possible for customers to increase tool life by an additional 10 percent as well as achieve better surface finishes.  

Jetstream Tooling Duo also includes an optional inducer to improve performance in roughing conditions where additional power is required on the chip side and in applications where chips tend to hit the inducer. This option is in addition to the standard mounted inducer for finishing and medium-roughing operations.

Seco uses an extremely reliable P-holder lever design on the Jetstream Tooling Duo to provide rigid locking of the insert and achieve high repeatability in the insert indexation. With improved rigidity, manufacturers can increase their depths of cut, employ higher feed rates and improve part quality.

Jetstream Tooling Duo is available for negative type inserts, including CNxx, WNxx, SNxx, DNxx and TNxx.

Additionally, regular Jetstream Tooling utilising the P-holder level design is available in shank and Seco-Capto options.

To learn more about Jetstream Tooling Duo Technology, please contact a local Seco representative or visit


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