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Seco Square T4-08 shoulder mill balances economy and performance
2/25/2014 8:00:00 AM

Fagersta, February 2014 – Seco’s new Square T4-08 shoulder milling solution with four cutting edges and innovative cutter design balances economy and performance in cast iron and steel machining applications, as well as those that involve contouring operations in challenging materials.

The Square T4-08’s strong, reliable pocket seats combined with multi-edge inserts optimise cutting stability and allow for clean 90-degree walls. The inserts mount tangentially in the cutter so that the cutting forces impact the thickest parts of the inserts, allowing manufacturers to achieve the required levels of strength for increased depths of cut with small diameters. The Square T4-08 also provides a smooth cutting action via positive rake angles with a variable lead angle on the cutting edge.

In addition to high metal removal rates, manufacturers will also benefit from the versatility of the Square T4-08. There is a wide variety of insert geometries and grades, and it is available in various mounting types that include Cylindrical, Weldon, Arbor and Combimaster.

For additional information on Square T4-08 square shoulder milling solution, please contact a local Seco representative or visit