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Seco extends product line for grooving & parting-off
2/17/2014 8:30:00 AM

Fagersta, February 2014 – Seco has announced a special focus on products for grooving and parting off applications in 2014. In addition to introducing and focusing on new products, Seco will also be launching an online Digital Sales Guide to provide the market with technical information in an innovative format.

The company’s portfolio of products for grooving and parting off now includes expansions to the X4 tangential tool, MDT (Multi-Directional Turning) system, 150.10 parting-off blades and Mini Shaft boring tools. While each of these products has its own unique set of features and benefits, they all bring stability, reliability and productivity to manufacturers performing grooving and/or parting operations. 

Through a unique design and interface, X4 provides a flexible and high-performance solution to parting-off and grooving applications. It incorporates strong tangential inserts with a rigid clamping system to maximise security and enable larger depths of cut. The X4’s multiple cutting edge widths, ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm, provide flexibility in grooving while also minimising material waste in parting-off operations. With a maximum cutting depth of 6.5 mm, the X4 can cut off parts up to 13 mm in diameter. New to the range are round/full radius profiles and profiles for circlip grooves.

The MDT system provides a variety of indexable inserts, toolholder styles, cutting widths and grades to support external, internal and axial machining in a variety of operations, including grooving, parting-off, turning, threading and profiling. MDT offers high levels of stability via a V-shaped top clamp and a serrated interface between the underside of the insert and the toolholder.

Intended for parting-off applications, the 150.10 product line consists of inserts with widths ranging from 1.4 mm to 6.35 mm, single-ended (short) and double-ended (long) HSS blades for holding the insert as well as basic shank toolholders (or with Seco-Capto™ interface) for accommodating the HSS blades. 150.10 is now also available with Jetstream Tooling® Duo to optimise coolant supply increasing product performance and reliability.

Mini Shaft handles the internal machining of small bores such as grooving, turning, profiling or threading. It features a unique cross-serrated interface and a large contact area that secures indexing accuracy, rigidity and long life of the toolholder. Internal ‘through’ coolant channels and a coolant outlet close to and directed toward the cutting edge promote better chip evacuation, increase tool life and improve surface finish.

For additional information on the Seco products in the grooving and parting-off family, please contact a local Seco representative or visit



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