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Seco Adds new Duratomic® TK Insert Grades for Cast Iron Turning
9/13/2016 9:00:00 AM

Seco’s new TK1501 and TK0501 insert grades incorporate the latest developments in next-generation Duratomic coating technology. The new dedicated cast iron turning grades reach a new level of toughness and wear resistance, as well as reduce tool waste and process more parts per edge.

With the latest Duratomic coating technology, these new grades have a wider application range and an overall increase in tool life and productivity. Seco’s exclusive Duratomic process manipulates aluminium and oxygen at the atomic level to create insert coatings with unmatched toughness and abrasion resistance. Their balance of toughness and hardness meets the highest performance demands consistently and reliably. 

TK1501 and TK0501 integrate Seco’s EDGE INTELLIGENCE concept that combines extensive high-performance insert experience and knowledge in every cutting edge for every application requirement. Chrome Used-Edge Detection makes it easy to tell if an insert’s cutting edges have made contact with a workpiece. The inserts are optimised to provide the highest possible contrast to make it easy to instantly identify when an edge has been used, even in low-light environments. TK1501 and TK0501 grades’ Chrome Used-Edge Detection contributes to a potential 30 percent decrease in waste due to prematurely discarded inserts.

The inserts allow for increased productivity through higher speeds and feed rates. This results in a decreased chance of encountering production bottle necks on a shop’s turning machines.

The new grades are available in a comprehensive selection of geometries – from roughing to finishing – to provide a desirable surface finish in any application.

For more information on TK15010 and TK0501 grades, please contact a local Seco representative or visit

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